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"Learn to sit still, to wait until your dust has settled,
and your air has become clear...
Wait for deep stillness...then start." -Hugh Milne


Sedona Massage Signature Sessions

Signature Sessions Concepts

Sedona massage: profound, specialized and exclusive healing sessionsIf you think that massage can only affect the physical body, think again! Bodywork/massage work on many deeper layers than just the physical to encourage the body's innate self healing mechanism. In a bodywork session there are different energy levels that can be affected. The physical body feels, and is positively affected by the touch it receives. The body is always searching for a state of balance or homeostasis. The physical body holds within its tissues a cellular memory of old patterns and emotional traumas. During a bodywork session, the emotional/spiritual bodies breathe, allowing more space for new energy levels to be reached, as a result trauma and old patterns can be released. With the use of different massage modalities and specialized energy work, an individual can release the old emotional and mental bruises as well and rebalance allowing a new pattern to emerge through which healing can occur body mind and spirit.

Sedona is a perfect place to receive a massageSedona is known for its beauty, red rocks, vortexes, and energy. It is said that whatever you hold in your consciousness will be magnified and multiplied while in Sedona. This is absolutely true for bodywork, massage and energetic balancing. So why not use Sedona’s wonderful energy to maximize your healing experience! Massage is a sacred gift that you can give to yourself.

Our Signature Sessions are exclusive to Stillpoint…Living in Balance

All sessions have been designed by Cynthia and Joy and contain very specialized and extensive training. We designed these sessions as outgrowths of the desires and needs of our clients. The energy work contained in some of the sessions is an offshoot of our 7 plus years formal clairvoyant/energy training. Our energy work is rare and extremely effective and transformative. The energy work that occurs in many of the following sessions, is done in a sacred meditative manner, honoring our training and beliefs that we all receive our OWN information. Just as rare is our training and certification in Medicinal Aromatherapy.  We are two of only a few that use the plant and tree essences as we do in our aromassages. We are honored and proud to be able to offer these one of a kind sessions to those of you who are looking for this type of depth of connection, balancing, healing and wellness.

Please note these sessions do not include an intuitive or psychic verbal reading

Transformative healing work for your body, mind, and soul in Sedona Arizona

The Stillpoint Massage Session

We designed and trademarked our Stillpoint session to incorporate over 10 years of energy training into this exceptional massage and psychic healing experience. This session seamlessly weaves together our full body integrative massage with a complete balancing and clearing of the entire chakra energy system, helping to remove any energy blockages freeing you of old limiting patterns. With the use of 7 essential oils specific for the chakras, crystals, and hot basalt placement stones, the chakras and auric field are aligned energetically allowing the body to rebalance on every level...physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. New energetic patterns will emerge effortlessly from a place of complete stillness. This session is truly one of a kind!

Exclusively at Stillpoint…Living in Balance

$185 for 100 minutes

The Living in Balance Massage Session

This distinctive Two and a half hour bodywork session is totally comprehensive and expansive. Experience our full body integrative massage infused with the specialized modalities of cranial sacral and lymphatic drainage therapies, detailed reflexology, as well as hot stones for the neck, shoulders and back. Also included is (optional) oxygen therapy to strengthen the immune system and bring clarity to the emotional body. This truly is a healing journey inspiring greater balance and well-being for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Exclusively at Stillpoint…Living in Balance

$300 for 150 minutes

The Stillpoint Living in Balance Massage Session

This extraordinary Three hour experience is the ultimate bodywork session. This treatment blends our highly sought after Stillpoint and our distinctive Living in Balance Sessions together. You will experience it all… a psychic healing, a comprehensive chakra clearing and balancing, detailed cranial sacral and lymphatic work, hot stones both for massage and placement, pure medicinal aromatherapy, crystal therapy, oxygen therapy and specialized reflexology infused into an amazing full body therapeutic massage. This unprecedented session is an incredible journey that allows you to release, rebalance and renew on all levels within your being.

Exclusively at Stillpoint…Living in Balance

$325 for 180 minutes

Stillpoint Reconnection Session

Have you ever felt fragmented? Felt that there are pieces of you that needed to be called back, put back together or reconnected?  So many sessions focus only on releasing and "getting rid" of energies and patterns. This session assists you in calling back the fragments of your energy! This powerful session helps you to feel that reconnection, that togetherness, the wholeness of your being. With the use of pure aromatherapy, sound/vibration, massage, and specific energy work, this session allows for deep synergy to occur within. It gently fosters integration as well as release, allowing all of your energy to be called back and to rejoin your  true essence (spirit) into wholeness once again.

Exclusively at Stillpoint…Living in Balance

$175 for 100 minutes


Stillpoint Aromassage

Sedona Aromatherapy massage using Medicinal - Grade Essential OilsThis is a special and rare massage session in which we use our highly potent pure and authentic essential oils as plant based medicine. This session begins with a complementary consultation followed by a full body therapeutic massage with the highest vibrational Therapeutic, Pure Quality Essential Oils available. The essential oils selected are based on your specific needs and work deeply on every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We apply and layer a multitude of drops of each pure essential oil to your skin throughout the session where they are directly absorbed to affect great change and healing. The benefits of this session are endless. This is an aromatherapy session like no other.

Exclusively at Stillpoint…Living in Balance

$125 for 60 minutes • $185 for 100 minutes

The Manifestation Massage Session

This session combines the power of intention, focus, and bodywork to assist you in creating and manifesting whatever you would like to bring into your life! The power of the number eight is utilized in this compelling manifestational massage. Eight…a symbol of new beginnings, prosperity, success…a magnifier of all things…The massage is completed in segments of eight… using sound vibration of 8 tuning forks to open up eight energy centers in the body as well as eight essential oils, specifically chosen to call in whatever it is you are desiring. Now is the time to attract the life you wish to live….

Exclusively at Stillpoint…Living in Balance

$188 for 108 minutes

The Stillpoint Aromastone

We have taken the magic of the hot stones and combined it with the amazing power of the plant and tree kingdom in this session. The grounding energy of the basalt stones combined with the uplifting and spiritual properties of the Therapeutic quality essential oils create an opportunity for unbelievable depth of connection and healing. This session is transformational and allows the body to release pain and tension on all levels. As in our premier aromassage, the essential oils selected are based on your particular needs to balance and harmonize all the systems of the body, mind, and soul. As in LaStone the hot rocks melt deep into the muscles helping you to feel grounded, relaxed, whole and restored. This Aromastone enables you to be fully present in your body. A delicious sensory experience not to be missed!

Exclusively at Stillpoint…Living in Balance

$225 for 120 minutes

Stillpoint Cranial Balancing

This very powerful session combines Cranial Sacral Therapy and our Stillpoint Chakra Balancing/Psychic Healing. You will experience   a complete energetic balancing of your system in this session. The emphasis of this session is to help release old programs and patterns that do not serve you and that may be the underlying patterns of disease and fragmentation in both body and mind. We listen to the story of the body, identify places where issues are held, assist the body to release them, and encourage new healthy patterns to emerge. The body's own self-healing and self-regulating capabilities are therefore enhanced.

Exclusively at Stillpoint...Living in Balance

$150 for 90 minutes


This unique session is our integrative massage with the addition of oxygen therapy. During the massage, oxygen is given thus increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, cells, tissues and muscles. Oxygen therapy has been found to improve sleep, concentration and memory, increase energy, boost the immune system, relieve headaches, chronic pain, respiratory issues, encourage weight loss, and promote an overall sense of well being and clarity. This session is a breathing meditation. Breathe and renew!

$120 for 60 minutes • $165 for 90 minutes • $195 for 120 minutes


"Be still and listen to the stillness within."
- Darlene Larson Jenks


Sedona Massage
Signature Sessions

"Having a massage with Joy or Cynthia gives you many "feelings"...of being cared about; of being in a healing energy; of being massaged with knowledge and sensitivity; of being helped through physical difficulties with care, concern and effectiveness..."
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"Both Joy and Cindy have a real and profound understanding of the relationship between the physical body and its energy. Their signature Stillpoint treatment is a masterfully designed..."
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Important FDA Statement concerning Aromatherapy

Information and statements on this website regarding essential oils and other products sold or used by Stillpoint.Living in Balance have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition or disease. It is for informational purposes only. Always consult a medical doctor, or other alternative medical practitioner when suffering from any disease, illness, or injury, or before attempting a traditional or folk remedy. Keep all products away from children and pets. As with any natural product, they can be toxic if misused.  Stillpoint...Living in Balance, Inc. its owners, staff and/or representatives are not responsible for misuse of this or any other product. It is solely the responsibility of the purchaser to know what they are buying and how to handle the item.



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